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Friday, November 12th
3045 N Rocky Point Dr E
Tampa, FL 33607

We’re getting so close! We can’t wait to see you and celebrate love. This will be the first time our Birmingham friends and our friends from DeLand, New Smyrna Beach and all other parts of our planet will be in the same room together. Thank you so much for making this huge effort to be here with us.

Here are a few items we wanted to make sure to cover with you.
When you take photos and share them, please use #destinyshelm, so we can all see what you saw!!!

Please get to the party venue before or as close to 7:30 as possible. (You could always arrive early and go to the outdoor bar at Bahama Breeze!) We will attempt to arrive at 7:45 and we’d love for you to all be in the room when we get there.

About the room...We have a separate entrance in the back of the restaurant that will allow you access to our party without you having to walk through the restaurant. (If you’ve been at the outdoor bar, it will be easy to navigate to the Bayview room.)

Parking. We will have signs at Bahama Breeze directing you where to park in the back.

When you arrive, we will have our fabulous neighbors, Angela and Chad there to greet you and to give you your drink tickets. (If only drink soft drinks, you won’t need a ticket.)

They will also give you a Destiny’s Helm bracelet. These bracelets are large enough so that you can write your name on them (if you want - because we’re NOT doing name tags!!) and so that on Saturday, if you go to the Riverwalk and wear your bracelet, you can recognize other folks who are in town for our wedding. (All the cool kids will be wearing them!!!!)

About Saturday. Everybody is on your own, but we want to try to see as many of you as we can. We will be arriving at the Armatureworks outdoor chess boards at the Tampa Riverwalk around 2:30 on Saturday so we all can hang out. (We will be getting you a couple of brochures on Tampa and the Riverwalk in your welcome bags.) There is lots of outdoor space so we can play bocce, or chess, walk the 1 mile riverwalk or do a river taxi cruise or whatever. It will be great to spend time together. And, there are lots of choices for food and drink at Armatureworks - and family-style seating, so everyone can get what they want and potentially sit down together. (Just a note, Mr. & Mrs. Cox will be going home by 9:30, so we can be together - and be fresh for the brunch on Sunday.)

WEAR SUNSCREEN!!! It may feel cool, but the sun can be brutal down here. (There’s some in your welcome bag!)

About Sunday - The invitation says 10:30, but don’t stress about arriving right then...it’s open-house style. Please feel free to check out of your hotel and bring your luggage here. Our house is an easy Uber ride to the airport. And, plan to swim!!! Our pool will be at 90°. (Some clever folks are planning on renting a seadoo from the downstairs of the Westin. It’s an easy toodle by water over to our house in Bay Crest Park!)

We will celebrate in the Private Room on the rear/left-side of the building.
The "Welcome Station" will be at this rear entry door:

Who's staying where:

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